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Logistics - storage

Located in the vicinity of major production sites or in Europe’s major ports (Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Le Havre, Saint-Nazaire, Bordeaux, Marseille, Barcelona, Genoa, etc.), GCA’s platforms receive, handle, store, condition and ship products in bulk or conditioned products Europe-wide.
We are in the position to set up and manage logistical units for our clients.



Storage capacity to meet all your requirements

Tools to enhance the flow of goods

Complete service all along the supply chain, from supply to end client.

  • Storage and warehousing: flow organisation
  • Storage and warehousing: bonded goods
  • Storage and warehousing: order preparation
  • Storage and warehousing: chartering
  • Storage and warehousing: conditioning
  • Storage and warehousing: in situ logistics
  • Storage and warehousing: « reverse » logistics

Value Added:

GCA offers its clients bespoke solutions that allow  them to promptly adapt to market requirements.

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  • Flexible equipment that allows meeting clients’ expectations in full compliance with demanding quality requirements.
  • Total commitment to the safety of our employees and of the general public, and to the preservation of the environment.