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Our cleaning network comprises eleven cleaning stations, all located in the vicinity of Europe’s main industrial hubs or port areas.
Efficient cleaning: a boon for both your transport units and for the environment.



Our Network:

Location of the Stations:

Our Services:

Inside cleaning of road tankers, tank containers, IBCs or tank wagons having transported chemicals (dangerous or not), food products or dry-bulk products (plastics, powders, cement, etc.).

Further Services:

  • Heating (steam, water, electric).
  • Drying, sanitisation, passivation.
  • Storage and handling of tank containers or IBCs.
  • Ordinary maintenance, leakage and pressure tests.
  • Treatment of industrial lixiviation waters, sludge dewatering.


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  • Efficient treatment of cleaning water, for preserving the environment.
  • Installations integrally designed for safe cleaning.
  • European Cleaning Document (ECD) and SQAS assessment of all stations.