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The Gas School

The Charles André Group has set up the “GCA Gas School”. It is intended for gas mechanics and shop managers and aims at:

  • providing refreshers as regards safety instructions;
  • providing training and refreshers for repair procedures and regulations;
  • sharing the best know-how between professionals;
  • taking into account technological advances and teaching the relevant practices.

This training is complementary to the traditional training given at the subsidiaries. In 9 months, 62 staff have received it, i.e. practically all of those concerned.

The course has been designed in-house and validated by specialists. It lasts 3 days with groups of 6 trainees at most, and takes place at the GCATRANS site at Montélimar (in the lower Rhone valley).

The course comprises 2 parts:

The theoretical part (one half of the course) takes place in the classroom. It is primarily intended to recall safety instructions and safety procedures. It also allows analysing and comparing individual modus operandi, with a view to optimising workshop organisation and maintaining the highest degree of professionalism.

The practical part (the other half of the course), taught outdoors, has trainees take part in repair and fire-fighting exercises on gas tankers.

This training is specifically tailored to the repair of LPG tankers, and introduces new techniques designed to ensure that work on gas tankers takes place in even greater safety conditions.

The course always draws upon the assistance of outside participants for exercises involving fire. Each trainee is issued with a manual. This is a tool that prompts the trainees never to let up: accidents happen so easily!