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Personalised training by tutors

  • What is tutoring?

At GCA, tutoring means having an employee accompanied by an experienced person, often a specialist, who is tasked to teach him a task or a trade.
Tutoring, in our opinion, contributes to the dissemination of best practices. It also allows each employee to know who to turn to when uncertain.

  • Tutoring in practice

Tutoring means a team of referent drivers (chosen for their experience and their teaching skills) who contribute to training drivers as regards:


    • new clients
    • new activities
    • new sites
    • new products
    • new equipment.


Tutoring means a team of referent personnel, monitored by department managers, who contribute to the training of employees as:


    • operators
    • shop managers
    • instructors
    • etc.
  • BBS Training (Behaviour-Based Safety Training)
    • For ALL GCA drivers.
    • Personalised training in driving and at loading/unloading stations, carried out together with an instructor, and according to each driver’s safety profile.
    • Training basing on exchanges between a driver and an instructor, and involving the assessment of the driver’s strong points and of points to be improved.
  • Examples of training topics
    (as regards driving, loading and unloading):

Compliance with site safety instructions; wearing of individual safety equipment; documentary control (nature of the goods, quantities, volume, classification, etc.); control of on-board equipment and of markings; what to do in case of discrepancies, of breaches; notification of possible reservations, etc.

Working at height; use of protective equipment in accordance with site regulations; operations carried out under pressure; grounding; check-lists prior to departure; conveyance of information concerning risk situations and near-accidents, etc.