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Health and safety

GENERAL POLICY statement sent to all the employees

The year 2013 promises to be a challenge. The economical environment is complex. Our customers demand greater performances and request a lowering of prices as our charges increase. In this context, GCA must maintain its profitability and pursue its development in the value and principles of risks prevention on health, safety and environment.

The QHSE system is an integral part of your daily actions and performances. It starts with a good understanding by all of what each is to do and what the company requires of them.

Each and everyone must verify that their work instructions are clear and understood. Each must act with efficiency in the respect of processes and procedures.    

Each must insure that their objectives are explicit and must work with the adequate tools to reach them. These objectives must materialize by concrete actions of improvement, of which it is necessary to control the effectiveness. When the objectives are not met, it is appropriate to re-evaluate and find a solution. The same applies to incident or accident.

This vigilance and this desire of continuous improvement is applicable to all areas of the group. 

Health and Safety

Our services must be conducted in the respect of the current legislation and of the company’s regulations. The safety development includes:

  1. The respect of processes.
  2. The recording of all incidents and accidents.
  3. A full, in-depth analyse for each of them. Why did it happen?
  4. The implementation of corrective actions to avoid the recurrence. In this capacity, reminders of the rules and developping awareness is important, monitoring and controls must be sustained.

Health and safety are at the heart of our concerns. The improvement on safety is supported by your involvement, your vigilance and your daily actions. We must reduce the number of our Work Accidents, Road Accidents and globally all incident susceptible to put others in danger and cause damage to our teams, the environment and our reputation.

The objective is for those numbers to get close to zero.

Quality of our Services

We must have a great knowledge of our customers’ expectations to provide services adapted to their needs. We should be able to offer complete logistic solutions using the expertise and the savoir-faire of the group. A service that your subsidiary hasn’t realized might be the speciality of another one. Be curious, anticipate the consequences of change happening around us instead of enduring them. Let’s be innovant to preserve and even develop our market shares.

Expertise developpment

In-house training must be given to each employee to understand his role in the company and what is expected of him. It must bring him a greater knowledge of the tools available to do the tasks confided with rapidity and efficiency in the respect of the regulations and QHSE procedures. It should also allow him to face professional developments and to improve.

Sustainable development

The Groupe Charles André pursues its commitment toward the environment with a policy of frequent materials renewal, the reduction of fossil energy consumption, traffic optimization (parasitical kilometres, embedded system), the research of innovative solutions (materials, railroad route, trip optimizer). We count on the participation of each driver to reduce his fuel consumption thanks to the principle of rational driving considered by your Driver-trainers. GCA can and must do better in this area. In signing the ADEME charter, the company committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions of 6 % in the period 2012-2014.

I count on each of you to work with rigour and quality. I count on your engagement to reach the objectives that are set. We must improve the performance of the company in respect for the current norms and for the environment and to continue to progress.

Delphine ANDRE