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Social Policy and Careers

GCA’s human-resources policy bases on 3 strategic options:

Training and Mobility

In a context marked by the importance of gaining new markets, GCA is pursuing its policy of adapting competencies to the requirements of the Group’s trades. Our aim is to gain strength by maintaining and developing the skills of all our employees. To this purpose we have developed dynamic training programmes.

GCA follows a proactive and ambitious training policy, giving each and every one the possibility of pursuing motivating, high-quality careers.

Thus, by developing its employees’ competencies, GCA at the same time maintains the company’s high level of performance.

Health and Safety

GCA constantly strives to improve workplace safety. It does so by implementing an active Safety/Quality/Environment policy, which rests on training, awareness-raising and procedure control.

Reducing industrial accidents and safeguarding the safety of our teams are the company’s prime concern.

Social Dialogue

In matters of human resources, GCA is intent on being in touch and on maintaining a close dialogue with its employees. We have clearly defined our aim, which is to ensure that each and everyone’s commitment shall ensure the success of the company’s project.

We favour pay equity for equivalent posts and competencies. Yearly interviews for all managerial and non-managerial staff contribute to ensuring such dialogue. Interviews allow it to establish objectively the contribution each person brings, and to identify together where progress can be made.