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General Goods

Our Offer:

GCA’s subsidiaries specialise in the provision of supply services to our clients. To that purpose they rely on:

  • Real-time information systems, directly accessible by our clients (including the specifically developed WMS).
  • Flexibility, responsiveness and investment capacity.
  • Their capacity to organise upstream and downstream transport to and from their platforms, using the appropriate vehicles (taut liners, dry-bulk tankers, tippers, car-carriers, etc.).


Be it for indoor or outdoor storage, GCA manages the supply chain for numerous product families:

Indoor Storage:
-  Food products
-  Plastics
-  Textiles / shoes
-  Domestic electrical appliances
-  Packing
-  Decoration and household equipment
-  Leather goods
-  Spices
-  Toys
-  Etc.

Outdoor Storage:
-  Dangerous goods
-  Oils
-  Machinery
-  Building materials
-  Garden decoration, irrigation equipment
-  Modular housing
-  Etc.


GCA has large storage capacities, be it indoors or outdoors. The company imports and exports some 25,000 TEU per annum, with a storage surface of 300,000 sqm.