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GCA provides its clients in the construction industry with bespoke service, from the management of aggregates to concrete production and delivery.


Our services in the field of concrete:

  • Provision of transport: we convey the ready-mixed concrete by road from mixing plant to end client.
    Our fleet of mixers is fitted with delivery chutes, conveyors or pumps.
  • Provision of pumping: with self-propelled pumps with delivery booms of all lengths, from mixer lorries with pump to automotive concrete pumps with 47-metre delivery boom.
    Such equipment allows delivering ready-mix concrete to sites inaccessible to simple mixer lorries. It also allows delivering homogeneous (unsegregated) concrete.
  • Provision of stationary pumping for large buildings or civil-engineering projects such as nuclear power stations, dykes, piers, or towers of 50 storeys or more. This involves a complete range of equipment made available to our clients: 18- to 38-metre distributing booms, feeders, cleaning stations, hydraulic units, piping in different diameters, etc.

Our services for the transport of aggregates:

  • Transport from quarries to users (concrete mixing plants, prefabrication plants, merchants, etc.).
  • Transport of all types of aggregates, from sand to rock, including coated materials.
  • We have the dedicated equipment: covered steel or aluminium 2- or 3-axle straight or articulated tippers.